I am easily amused.  This site is simply an eclectic assortment of observations that make me smile.

Some of the posts here will be pulled from another blog I started a couple of years ago (https://toooldtobedoingthis.wordpress.com/).  That other blog was to help me slog my way through lots of emotional detritus as my marriage entered its final death spiral. Every so often however, I would encounter some random thing that made my day.  I would post these little rays of sunshine, but they always felt out of place in an otherwise serious blog.

Thanks to dedicated therapists, supportive friends, the act of writing and the grace of God, life is good these days. So I decided it was time for a fresh start with new blog with a lighter tone.  I’ll keep the other blog as a repository for any residual angst I may experience.

Thanks for taking time to visit.  Enjoy!


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