A plausible explanation


Every time I drive by this house, I ask myself, “Why?”

Here’s my theory:

Simon, the simple elf, was charged with tweeting that Santa needed help in case of foul weather.  He typed “foal” and auto correct changed it to “fowl.”

So, here you have Rudolph the Rooster, thinking that he will be Santa’s fowl weather helper….

Why else would an 8′ rooster with a Santa hat be on someone’s front step?

Safety first


I purchased the above appliance over a year ago.  I thought I was so clever to invest in a toaster that doubles as a little oven.  Buyer’s remorse followed.  It does neither job very well and takes up too much counter space.

Anyway, a few days ago I was waiting for my toast to pop when I noticed some sage advice on the oven door.  I don’t know how I missed it until now.



There needs to be an addendum:

When you stop screaming, grab your coat because it’s time to go out to eat.