A minor detail


First, I need to get the stinkin’ thing open before I can take advantage of this convenient packaging feature.


Come for the food but stay for the view.

Looks like he’s about to puke in his hand but the food got great reviews, so let’s give this place a try.


The food was quite good, but the view was breathtaking!



Precise Ambiguity



Is artificial intelligence doing the attacking or is it preventing attacks?

My flight was delayed, so I had time to ponder this statement.  Either way I read it,  I found it unsettling.

The finer print below clarified that it was AI that could save the cyber world, which I suppose is a relief.

And isn’t the guy pictured a doppelganger for Jeff Goldblum?

Now for something truly unsettling…I was about to post this last night last night when my computer crashed.  Coincidence???