Evil thy name is lid

I just wanted some salsa.

But it wasn’t about the salsa.  It was Rocky vs. Creed.  It was The-craving  vs. The-lid.  It was about what I was made of.





Victory never tasted so good.

Come for the food but stay for the view.

Looks like he’s about to puke in his hand but the food got great reviews, so let’s give this place a try.


The food was quite good, but the view was breathtaking!



How many in a dozen?


I purchased several boxes of the above excuse-for-cookies.  Disguised as decadent treats, they are outstanding only in their mediocrity.

But, they were on sale.

Oldest son was visiting and was overcome with an immediate need for something sweet. These quasi-treats were the best I could offer.

I was trying to convince my son that these were delicious and oh-so healthy.  I was looking at the nutrition label when I noticed something odd.

Servings Per Container about 12.

about 12

I did a quick survey of my pantry to confirm that boxes with discrete pieces had exact serving sizes.  In contrast, my boxes of cereal had approximations.

taco shells

cereal boxes

My son’s explanation was that if a box only contained 10 or 11 cookies, the company couldn’t be sued because they honestly indicated there were only “about 12” in the box.

Lazy quality control?  No copy editors available to proof the info printed on the box?

Another one of life’s mysteries.